Why The Only Bikini Body I’ll Be Aiming For This Summer Is My Own

9 June 2015

A rare occasion of sun in Bournemouth. As you can tell, my hair and the wind were getting along just great.

This morning, I had an epiphany. Of sorts.
I decided that I wasn’t going to hate my body anymore.
I realised I was tired (and not just from lack of sleep, might I add). I was tired of feeling like I wasn’t good enough. Not good enough for choosing not to wear makeup on a day that consisted of nothing more than a trip to the local shop. Tired of feeling inadequate for not fitting into a size 8 pair of jeans. Tired of feeling like my worth as a person was merited by my ability to conform to today’s multitude of restricting beauty standards – that all seem to change in the space of five minutes.
Be thin as a rake? Super tall? Curvaceous? Petite? You name it, we’ve had it. We only need to look back over the past hundred or so years to see that women have been – and remain – subject to the pressure from those around them to adhere to these somewhat unobtainable ideals.
I’ve been told on numerous occasions that feeling this way is a “normal” thing that all women – and men – go through. Well, I’d never go as far to categorise myself as normal anyway (thank god), but if that means hating my thighs or wishing I was just a few inches taller, then no thanks, normal is not something I want to feel on a daily basis.
I digress. 
Today I decided to thank my body. 
Not outright. Because I’m pretty sure sitting in my local Starbucks declaring my unparalleled love for myself over my cup of tea wouldn’t go down well with my fellow early risers trying to get shit done.
But I realised that, well, my body? It’s pretty damn great. 
It’s the vehicle that’s got me from A to B and has been strong enough to carry me for the last twenty two years. That, in itself, is pretty damn amazing.
My body doesn’t need to get any smaller for anyone else who can’t see that, and if it did then hey, that’s nothing of significance. If it got any bigger, then does that suddenly mean a few pounds makes me any less of a human being? (The answer to that being no).
These are questions we need to ask ourselves, rather than “Oh crap, do my legs really look that big?” or “Maybe if I drop a dress size in time for summer, I’d look more attractive in my holiday photos?” Because you’ve got all you need right now. 
Don’t lose yourself in a bid to become someone else and appreciate your own worth. 
Make that the new normal.

2 responses to “Why The Only Bikini Body I’ll Be Aiming For This Summer Is My Own”

  1. Wonderful post and very well written. I think it's great to see body positivity, especially in the blogging community x


  2. Thank you! 🙂 I wish so many more people felt this way, too. It'd be lovely to see more body positivity!
    Lottie x

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