The Wild Fox Wreath Workshop

6 December 2015

“Go big or go home” was the advice from Joey, founder of The Wild Fox florist, as our workshop began. Based in Hampshire, the florist specialises in ethical, natural and simply beautiful floral creations for a wide range of occasions. So, when Kieran’s mum Frances asked if we were interested in taking part in a wreath making workshop hosted at her house, I couldn’t, and didn’t, say no. I’ve always marvelled at those who could make stunning centrepieces and door hangings with a rustic touch, so fancied myself as being one of those people who had a little know how on creating one myself.

Joey arrived at Kieran’s house, armed with boxes full of various naturally foraged leaves, branches and holly, as well as dainty décor bits and pieces including orange slices, cinnamon sticks and glitter pine cones. It meant that whatever style of wreath we had in mind, we weren’t short of anything we needed to get started!

To begin, the five of us taking part were given a copper wire circle to stuff with as much moss as we liked to create our base, secured with reel wire. Joey then talked us through how to secure our branches and leaves to create our desired effect, advising us to envisage how we wanted our wreaths to look before beginning as not to go into making one blindly. All I knew was that I wanted mine to look like something that wouldn’t look out of place in a forest, so my guidelines weren’t entirely set in stone!

After Joey’s demonstration, I headed straight for a mishmash of various branches and eucalyptus which I attached and wound with wire tightly to secure in place, tucking in browned leaves, twigs and pine cones for a rustic touch of colour as I went along. Joey showed us how pretty much anything goes in terms of décor for our wreaths, as she pulled off moss from a branch, scrunched it together and attached to the wreath with twisted wire sticks, adding a dainty but significant element of interest.

After much wiring, tea drinking and cat chasing (a certain little Lady was just as intrigued with the floral décor as we were!) my wreath began to resemble something vaguely presentable. Whilst “go big” was Joey’s advice, I think “go chubby” was more mine… I figured that at least it had character!

Joey then taught us a vital lesson in wreath making… how to tie the perfect bow. This has never been a particular forte of mine as I usually resort to tying mine like a shoelace, unforgivable I know! In this instance, I continued my rustic theme by adding a bow created from a strip of cut hessian sack, held in place with wire in the middle and pinned into my wreath. I positioned mine on the top left hand corner to allow my leaves to drop nicely from the side and to give a main point of interest at the top.

And voila! For my first attempt, I was pretty pleased with my chubby wreath, which has now proudly found a home in my hallway. Joey allowed us each to take on a copper wire for our future creations, which I’m eager to create in the run up to Christmas. Who says you can have too many wreaths?

I had such a lovely time with Joey during our workshop that I’m already looking forward to joining in on some of her future classes, which will include a terrarium workshop. I don’t need any persuading!

To find out more about The Wild Fox and any upcoming classes, visit The Wild Fox website.


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