Pumpkin Picking at Sopley Farm

20 October 2018

Last weekend, I finally went pumpkin picking for the first time. As someone who loves autumn and considers it her favourite time of year, I’m surprised that I have yet to partake in this lovely seasonal activity. However, I feel like I’ve made up for lost time!

Along with his parents, sister, niece and nephews, Kieran and I paid a visit to Sopley Farm to seek out the best pumpkins that we could find. I have to say, it was super cute to see Kieran’s niece and nephew, Olivia and Charlie, get so excited about choosing their very own pumpkins amongst a sea of orange.

Isaac certainly looked at home in his very own pumpkin patch (and yes, this might just be one of my favourite photos that I’ve taken for my blog!)

After much deliberation, I finally chose my first pumpkin, which was slightly misshapen and not as round as the others. For some reason, this pumpkin felt like it belonged to me. I can just picture it with carved out stars and a crescent moon, or even a Virgo constellation, which would look lovely with a tea light in for added effect.

After a while, we spotted another pumpkin, which was slightly rounder, as well as a mini pumpkin that was tinged with green. I seem to be drawn to the more unusual, it seems!

After shamelessly posing for a few photos, we admired our haul and headed to the store to pay for our pumpkins, which were priced according to size. I can’t wait to spend an autumnal evening carving pumpkins with candles and a Halloween film or two. Also, did someone say pumpkin soup?


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