Phergal Naturtint Review

9 February 2016

As someone who is keen to find cruelty free alternatives to everyday beauty products, stumbling across Phergal Naturint was like striking gold. Well, I was in Holland and Barretts, so it wasn’t exactly out of the blue. But a nice surprise to find permanent, vegan and cruelty free hair dye in amongst shelves full of other hidden gems. I picked up two boxes in Ebony Black, as my hair is ridiculously long and thick, and was eager to try them on my return home.

For £12 a box, I knew that the dye itself wasn’t cheap. Compare this to your usual shop bought dye, which usually costs around £6 each, and I was paying double for one box. But to me, knowing that I wasn’t buying into an industry that exploits and harms animals just for the sake of hair colour was more than worth it to me. Not only that, but the dye was ammonia free, making it less harmful to me as well. I didn’t need to think twice.

The box includes a dye, developer, shampoo and conditioner, as well as an additional CC anti ageing cream. Once the developer and dye were combined, it created an almost gel like consistency. The dye itself didn’t give off any smell at all, which didn’t bother me. Most dyes I’ve used in the past have tended to smell too strong or rather off-putting!

As I was just dying the roots and freshening up the colour, I applied this just to my roots first for twenty minutes. I then applied the rest and left it for a further twenty minutes. Whilst it does suggest ten, I went for twenty to ensure strong coverage. I was also surprised that one box covered the entirety of my hair… with dye to spare. So, with my extra box, at least I’m now covered (ahem) for next time.

The dye washed out fairly easily with warm water, although, like most dyes, it did stain the outside of my head and ears. After washing out, I used both the shampoo and conditioner. I won’t lie and say I was particularly fond of either, which didn’t lather too well or give my hair that just dyed and washed feeling. That being said, the colour itself was fantastic and doesn’t differ at all from mainstream dyes I’ve used previously. And, after several washes, it’s still looking as great and fresh as when I applied it. All without the unattractive dye line around my forehead, which isn’t quite the look we go for!

Overall, if you’re after a cruelty free alternative to hair dye, I really recommend Phergal Naturtint. There’s a range of both natural and alternative colours, so whether you’re after a more dramatic or subtle shade, they’ll have something suited to you. I think I’ll be making good use of that second box!


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  1. Girl, we are totally on the same wave here! I'm all about supporting cruelty free brands, and finding natural safe alternatives to every day beauty and LIFE stuff in general. This post reminds me i need to publish my 'using henna as a natural hair dye alternative' post.

    Cydney x

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