Maintaining a Cruelty-Free Post Summer Glow

19 August 2017

As summer is now starting to draw to a close (if the whole two weeks of sunshine we experienced earlier this year count as summer, anyway), I thought I’d do a post with some tips I’ve learned about how to keep my skin looking sun-kissed in a healthy, natural-looking way as we enter the autumn and winter months. I hope you find them useful!

Skinny Tan “Body Glow”

I was kindly gifted a sample of Skinny Tan’s Body Glow* in their light shade earlier in the year. I must admit, as a complete fake tan novice, I found the prospect a bit daunting, to begin with. However, not only does this stuff build lightly and gradually each time you use it, Body Glow contains naturally derived tanning actives and their ingredients are vegan. I figured there was no harm in giving it a go.

After shaving and exfoliating my skin, this stuff developed like a dream with no dreaded telltale signs. It also dried super quick too, meaning I wasn’t stood around starkers for ages waiting for it to set. Not only is this a great gradual fake tan, but a daily moisturiser too, meaning you can swap it for your usual one when you fancy a bit more of a glow.

I’m quite comfortable with my skin tone but, should I fancy an all-over sun-kissed glow for a special occasion, this will be my go-to!

Happy Naturals Body Scrub

This is the exfoliator I use before applying Skinny Tan’s Body Glow, which I picked up whilst shopping in Sainsbury’s. As you may have already guessed, Happy Naturals are completely natural and contains no synthetic microbeads, parabens, and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, meaning you’re keeping your skin safe and plastic away from the sea!

It smells lovely, is refreshing, and isn’t harsh either, which is a bonus for my slightly sensitive skin. It’s a staple even if I’m not planning on tanning afterward. If you are planning on using this before applying your fake tan, I’d recommend paying extra attention to your knees, elbows, and wrists!

Living Nature Bronzer

I was also recently gifted a bronzer from Living Nature*, a certified natural and cruelty-free cosmetic company based in New Zealand. When they got in touch, I was immediately excited as I’d been after a new bronzer for a while. It arrived in the loveliest packaging (brown wrapping and twine is, in fact, the way to my heart) and I couldn’t wait to try it out. It’s also fragrance-free, meaning it’s suitable for all skin types.

My first impression was that it’s very subtle, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For me, it means I can build it up depending on what kind of coverage I’m after. In the past, I’ve been guilty of being quite heavy-handed with a bronzer, so this is a welcome addition to my makeup bag to ensure I’m not overdoing it!

What are your must-have cruelty-free and natural products for a year-long sun-kissed glow? Let me know in the comments below!

* These products were kindly gifted to me. All opinions are my own.



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