Exploring the New Forest Wildlife Park

24 July 2017
A few weeks ago, after feeling slightly glum, Kieran surprised me with a trip to the New Forest Wildlife Park to lift my spirits. Despite loving the forest and visiting quite a few spots over the years on our woodland visits, I hadn’t heard of the park until Kieran went on a recent college trip there as part of his Conservation and Wildlife Management course.
We met lots of cute animals, from European Bison, a Red-Necked Wallaby and Wild Boar, but I have to say my favourite moments were being able to witness roe deer being fed and roaming freely in the park, as well as seeing some wolves prowl their grounds.
It was hard to get a good photo, but I enjoyed sharing the experience with Kieran, who was equally as captivated with these gorgeous creatures. 
We also got to see Munchkin, the park’s resident Eurasian Lynx, be fed and learn all about her habits from one of their rangers.
It wasn’t until I did a little reading up after my visit that I realised just how much this amazing wildlife park contributes towards the conservation of endangered animals that we spotted on our travels around the site.
This included a giant otter, which is currently on the IUCN endangered species Red List, making the park the first in the UK to send a captive-bred giant otter to an international breeding programme. This is as well as various other conservation projects, such as the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned native species of owls, deers and Scottish wildcats. 
The park also works closely alongside the RSPCA, vets and police to help rescue injured or abandoned wild animals. After finding out about all of the work the New Forest Wildlife Park does, all without external subsidisation, I was pleased our entry fee would be put to good use to allow the park to carry on doing the great job they do… and would happily visit again!


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