Exploring Studland and 23rd Birthday Celebrations

14 September 2015

For some, turning 23 is no big deal. I get that the ‘big ones’ are 18, 21 and then every ‘0’ after that. But for me, this year my birthday has felt more like a personal celebration for what’s been an eventful twelve months. Finishing uni with a 2.1 and an 80% in my dissertation, followed by starting a full time paid internship in marketing/communications has been a huge step for me. 

It also inevitably meant my blog was looking a bit sparse as of late, which I’m hoping to change now I’ve settled into a routine. So apologies for the lack of posts recently!

However, to celebrate, I took the day off work to explore Studland with Kieran, camera in hand. 

We visited last year for Kieran’s 23rd, but before that, I can’t really remember visiting Studland all that much. So it made sense to venture out to somewhere so near my own doorstep, plus a stop at The Pig hotel may have been a contributing factor! 

We naturally stopped off at Framptons along the way for breakfast, where I opened my amazing presents from Kieran and his family. I’m excited to use my glass teapot and flowering bud teas, as well as my Lush set and spa voucher. I’ve been very spoilt! 

Once at Studland, we took a walk down to Old Harry Rocks to take in the beautiful coastline and relax for a while. It’s working full time that really makes me treasure the occasional moments I have like this just to enjoy the great outdoors, especially when it means Kieran and I get to appreciate each others company even more. Days out during the week now seem a bit like a rarity with our clashing schedules! 

We then walked back up to The Pig hotel, where we snacked on garlic flatbread with a Prosecco and ale in the glorious sunshine – I was lucky to get a sunny day at 21 degrees in September! 

Afterwards, we took a mini tour around the grounds to explore their garden, which grows all of the vegetables and herbs for their own dishes. 

Before leaving, we had a quick look around inside and grabbed a tea (and a cookie or two!) to make the most of our brief stay. 

We then went for a short bike ride around West Moors heathland back home in the hazy sunlight and autumnal heat as the day started to draw to a close. I hadn’t gone on a bike ride in years, so the realisation that I was still pretty good at it (which is, by my definition, not falling off flat on my face!) was one I welcomed. I’m determined to do it more often and may have started looking around for a new bike to take me on my travels!

I really couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my birthday, and I’m looking forward another year of amazing opportunities and experiences!



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