Exploring Anderwood, New Forest / 4 October 2015

4 October 2015

There’s something about autumn that always makes me want to venture outdoors, even more so than in the summer months. So, Kieran and I decided to make the most of our weekend off together to visit Anderwood in the New Forest, a route I hadn’t taken before but one Kieran knew well from family picnics over the years. 

Top: Primark | Jeans: TopShop Joni Jeans | Boots: ASOS | Bag: H&M

The forest itself was beautiful, naturally, but at this time of year it seemed even lovelier; to me, there’s nothing nicer than wrapping up warm to explore the woods as fluttering orange leaves fly from trees to prepare for winter. The promise of a warm cup of tea at the end doesn’t hurt, either!

It didn’t take long for Kieran to spot a tree to climb, commandeering the camera as he discovered mini mushrooms hidden within its branches. Overgrown bushes – with their contrasting leaves of yellows, greens and oranges – gave the park a very fairytale-esque feel, especially as we made our way through a wooden gate to delve further into the woods. We decided to go off the path to get a closer look at some of the more unusual looking trees tucked away, witnessing a large (and very loud!) bird of prey overhead.

After about an hour and a half of exploring, climbing and jumping over various dips and logs, we walked back to the car to drive towards The White Buck in Burley – one of our favourite (and most common) haunts when we’ve over this neck of the woods. That was until we spotted some of the cutest pigs who were very engrossed in eating the acorns that had dropped from the trees, apart from one who took a brief liking to Kieran before returning to their foraging! 

Once at The White Buck I opted for a glass of prosecco over tea, as the weather had perked up and was quite warm in the bright sunshine, with Kieran going for his usual pint of ale. We were feeling more picky food rather than a large meal, so both ordered a bowl of chips each with olives on the side, which were delicious and much needed after building up an appetite from our walk!

I’m hoping to come back in time for Halloween later this month, as last year we had such a fun time making a rustic hessian garland to hang above our pumpkin patch (view the post here) and would love to have a go at creating something a little different this year. Watch this space!



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