Creating a Terrarium with my Wedding Succulents

24 August 2020
Glass Terrarium Guide

Hello friends. Well, where to start? It seems very strange to me that, since writing my last blog post about my efforts to reduce plastic waste over a year and a half ago, so much has changed. I have not one, but two part-time jobs, both based at Moors Valley Country Park and Forest, that I love.

I have also gotten married, and am no longer a Hill, but an Elms! Yes, the irony of being someone that works in a forest with a tree as a last name is not lost on me. I will never have any complaints about this!

However, those stories are for another time, as I could easily ramble on about the smallest of details about our wedding (who wants to hear about how I chose my wedding shoes? Anyone?) for an absolute age.

That being said, I think writing a summary of our wedding planning process would be the perfect post for perhaps our first year anniversary which is looming in October. So, watch this space. Although I promise it won’t just be about my shoes.

I think my blogging absence has been the result of my typical indecisiveness about what to write. For so long, I had no issues with rambling on within my own little corner of the internet. However, my last post was also published at a time when I had just left a job that I was not happy in, meaning I was uncertain where I was headed, all while planning a wedding. Suddenly, writing took a slight backseat. Cue writer’s guilt about not writing, and, well, the cycle continued.

Recently, I began to miss writing for myself and the creative outlet it provided. Therefore, I decided to take the plunge and not only start writing again but update my blog and have it finally migrated from Google Blogger to WordPress, courtesy of Kotryna Bass.

This spark of inspiration also happened around the time that I decided to embark on a mini terrarium making project, using the succulents that I had saved from my bridal flower crown, created by our wonderfully talented wedding florist, Clair Lythgoe (I knew I’d manage to get another wedding reference in there somewhere!). With this in mind, I thought I would pull together a little “how-to” terrarium guide.

Cacti, Succulents, and Dome

I started off by giving the terrarium that I decided to use a dust, as I am guilty of not using it for quite some time after receiving it as a gift from my lovely sister in law. Naturally, I kept putting off using it until I found the right project. I’m glad I held off, as I think using it to house my wedding succulents classifies as something a little bit special.

I then added a layer of small stones to formulate the base. Weirdly, I really struggled to find some nice, small white stones, despite traipsing around many a garden centre. I know, what a hardship to endure. I ended up sourcing some on Etsy in the end.

My next step was adding a layer of cactus and succulent repotting soil, which also has the added benefit of being self draining.

The following step is one that requires hardy gardening gloves because, um, ouch. I admit to still pulling out a few teeny cactus stems a few days later! I ended up buying a lovely trio of mini cactus plants from Haskins, because I struggled to choose just one.

Side note, this lovely bumblebug paid me a visit, mid cactus repotting, and admired the flowers on our garden table. I can’t say I blame him.

I removed my first cactus from its little terracotta pot, before gently removing some of the soil attached to its roots. I then created a sort of well in the soil within the terrarium, to create its new home. I then repeated this step for my second cactus of choice.

Cactus Succulent Terrarium

My lovely wedding succulents were already housed in a little bundle of three. I have my lovely mother in law to thank for this, as it was her idea to keep them somewhere safe after taking them out of my flower crown. So, I simply repeated the repotting steps as above for the succulents too. I decided to place them right at the front of the terrarium, as a sort of focal feature.

My last steps involved adding a little extra interest to the terrarium, which I did by scattering a few more stones in front of the succulents. I also added a handful of moss, which I think adds a little texture. I then gave the terrarium a little spritz of water, just for a little initial hydration, and to allow the repotted plants to blend within their new soil.

And voila! I have to say, I am happy with the result of my first terrarium making efforts.

Not only was this a fun little plant-based, summer project, but it has also provided a visual reminder of our wedding and has claimed a space on our chest of drawers in our bedroom, next to my frame of pressed wedding bouquet flowers.

Have you created a terrarium before? Or are thinking about giving it a go? I’d love to know how it went or what plants you’ll be using for your own project!

Creating a Terrarium with my Wedding Succulents


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