Vintage Day Out, 14.08.2014

August 17, 2014
After talking with Kieran about places to go on a relatively low budget (I can still use that “But I’m a student!” excuse, right?) we decided to embark on a ‘vintage’ day to find the best vintage hotspots in our hometown of Bournemouth.

First, we stopped off at Molly’s Den as Kieran had never been before and it’s always a favourite of mine, as there’s always something unique at every corner. Whilst I was drawn to an array of antique trinkets, Kieran was more impressed with the selection of toys from a bygone era, or ones that took us on a trip down memory lane (We were seriously tempted by a Nintendo ’64 for £50… complete with the absolute classic Goldeneye).

We then stopped off in Boscombe for a spot of lunch at Boscanova, a café located just on the high street. We’d already visited their sister café, South Coast Roast, earlier this year at Bournemouth’s Richmond Hill (which you can read about here) but were seriously impressed with Boscanova, mainly because they served breakfast all day! 

We ummed and ahhed over what to have, before settling on pure orange juice (no tea for me, shock horror) and a stack of classic wheat free pancakes with maple syrup. When they arrived, we couldn’t believe how big they were… you definitely get your money’s worth for £6.50! They tasted amazing and it’s safe to say these were perfect for fuelling our day’s excursions. 

Hat: H&M | Black High Neck Top: American Apparel | Nails: Rimmel 
The café itself felt really welcoming and had some great décor… the balance of a rustic/industrial interior worked well with its slightly quirkier accessories, like a Buzz Lightyear and Woody duo perched upon a shelf (we approved) and street regalia named after Elvis Presley.

We then headed over to Clobber, a vintage store further up along Christchuch Road in Boscombe, as the window display lured me in with its beautifully retro dresses. I had to refrain myself from purchasing one of the (many) lovely hats and scarves!

Last but not least, we visited the Vintage Emporium, which was a slight walk on from Clobber in Pokesdown. When we arrived, I was immediately taken with this beautiful vintage car and was amazed at the vast amount of stalls inside, ranging across the decades. 

The emporium itself also offers a vintage hair/beauty styling service, which I’m eager to try out sometime soon!

To finish off our vintage day out, we stopped for tea or, in Kieran’s case, his usual double espresso in the café next door. The tea room was lovely, with delicate chinaware and décor that gave an authentic feel to the place.

I couldn’t agree more!

Love, Lottie x

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