Ten Things To Tell Myself At 22.

March 3, 2015
Sometimes, life gets hard. We get stressed out, run down, upset and tired. I forget to tell myself that I’m a human being that actually needs some down time to recharge those batteries. So, I compiled a list of the ten things to tell myself on a daily basis that I hope will contribute to leading an all round healthier lifestyle – not just physically, but mentally too! I hope you find them just as useful as I do – whatever age you may be!

1) Remember to breathe. Literally.

Sounds like a given, right? But taking a moment to inhale, to really breathe, brings you back into the centre of yourself. Its a subconscious thing we do, but in moments of madness, thats all it takes to remind yourself that, hey, you’re human. Slow down. It works wonders.

2) Drink Water. Lots Of Water.

Water is the one thing that nourishes and replenishes our body like nothing else can. And yet, its the one thing we seem to consume the least of. Go figure. Water aids everything; digestion, dehydration, tiredness, sluggishness and, even ‘hunger’ – sometimes, our body confuses hunger with thirst. However much you’re drinking? Put simply – drink more of the stuff.

3) Switch Off When You Switch Off.

Going to sleep is the one time when the human body can literally switch off from the outside world, devoid of any interruptions. That is, of course, if your phone isn’t glued to your side as you try to sleep. Your mind can’t relax if it’s confronted with a screen, be it from your TV, laptop or phone for the past hour or so. Find ways to unwind your body and mind in different and beneficial ways – yoga, reading or even a soothing bath can become routine ways to signify to your body its the end of the day. Twitter will still be there in the morning.

4) Move More.

Isn’t it funny how, every time you do exercise, you end up thinking how great it felt? Remember that the next time you try to put off a run, or workout, just because its raining / too cold / getting dark. Embrace them as obstacles to overcome and kick yourself out of that rut you’ve been feeling down in for so long. Put on your gym clothes, your favourite song and see your run as a way to shake off the days stresses, whatever they may be. You don’t get those endorphins for no reason!

5) Eat to nourish your body…

Lets put it this way, if you were looking after someone else you cared about and you wanted them to feel the best they possibly could, what would you give to sustain them? Think the same about yourself – your body is yours to keep and maintaining it with clean, nutritious food rather than processed and unrefined foods won’t make you feel any better. 

6) … And be aware of where it all comes from.

This goes for anything and everything. Don’t be in such a hurry to use the latest beauty product that claims to include five unpronounceable miracle ingredients, or if your food contains something you can’t even read, let alone say – don’t put it in your body! Keep it simple. That’s all you need.

7) Save your money.

Do you really need those shoes that look exactly like the last pair you bought? Or that jewellery you’ll forget you had come summer? You want to travel the world, right? Save it for that. Your future self will thank you for the experience a pair of TopShop heels will never bring.

8) Cherish those who you can call at 2am.

Not just the ones who only want you there at that to time to go out drinking. Instead of spending the early hours shouting across a room full of strangers to a bartender, spend it staying up all night to talk to your best friend you haven’t heard from in a while – but will still be the one person who would do anything for you.

9) Work hard to create something new everyday…

Whatever that may be. It may be a poem, a short story, a painting or garment. It’s all up to you. My Nan says “the world is your oyster” and it really is. But not if you don’t put in what you expect to get out. Experience failure and take heed of what it teaches you.

10) … But realise, no one has it figured out yet.

And give yourself that time to grow. It’s been a long road, but it isn’t over yet. It’s exciting though, right? Each day brings something different, something new to try, to travel to and new people to meet. Realise that everyones in the same boat together and taking things one step at time, right there with you.


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