RHS Flower Show at Hampton Court Palace, London 08.07.2014

July 22, 2014
After an amazing past four weeks on placement as an English teaching assistant at a local primary school, Kieran and I took a trip to Hampton Court Palace in London for the RHS Flower Show with his family a few weeks ago on the 8thJuly. We woke up early (5:30am to be exact – ouch!) and set off at 7am. When we arrived, we stopped off at a nearby pub to grab a bite to eat for breakfast. I opted for a granola and greek yoghurt combo, with added berries and ‘nana which was delicious. I also took a step out of my comfort and tried a latte – shock horror! Although, I have to say I wasn’t won over. Tea trumps coffee every time! 

We then entered the site and was greeted by this amazing view of different floral constructions, be it from a giant can of overflowing jelly beans (I was immediately impressed) to a volcanic display that I unwittingly walked into just as it decided to spray water everywhere… luckily it missed my camera!

Free Jordan’s muesli and greek yoghurt… they know the way to my heart.
We then headed towards an (endless!) mirage of stalls and displays, selling everything from garden trinkets and ornaments to furniture and gadgets. I was particularly taken with these cute crates filled with purple and white creations and this giant trellis that would add a touch of rustic meets vintage to any garden.

Afterwards, we took a visit to a giant marquee fit to burst with circus themed floral regalia. Of course, Kieran and I naturally couldn’t help but have our photo taken… although I’m not sure this shade of pink is quite my colour!

I was quite eager to visit the Country Living marquee, filled with stalls ranging from jewellery (I fell in love with these intricately beautiful pieces!) to eco friendly clothing, food and fine wines. 

We then finished our visit with a trip to the floral boutique where creations were available to purchase. I was tempted by these adorable succulents, who’d have felt right at home on my bedroom windowsill!


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