Manic Panic “Vampire Red” Hair Dye Review

August 14, 2014

It’s that time… again. For those of you who dye your hair red (or any colour, really) you’ll probably understand how annoying it is when it starts to fade. Keeping my hair vibrant is a tricky one, as the colour literally runs every time I wash it (leaving my bathroom resembling some sort of murder scene. Sorry Mum) The problem I know all too well with red hair is that my hair will fade to a strange mixture of orange and burgundy that isn’t quite the look I go for. So, after looking and asking around for something that will just perk up my colour in between dyes, I ordered Manic Panic’s Cream Semi-Permanent dye in “Vampire Red” – the name already appeals.

This little pot cost me £10.50 (not including p&p) on Amazon and had rave reviews, so I was sold. The dye itself is vegan and no animals were harmed in testing, meaning I was even more won over. The only issue I had when it arrived was its size – my hair is ridiculously thick and quite long, although apparently from other user reviews, a little goes a long way.
Pre-application, I stopped by a local Superdrug to pick up a mixing bowl, tint brush and a plastic cap, all as recommended by the instructions printed on the side. I then washed my hair and dried it, and applied the dye ½ inch away from my roots first where it would take the brightest. Admittedly, I had to apply it sparsely to ensure all of my hair was covered and had only a little left over – which I applied over any areas I thought would need lifting the most. I then combed it through to evenly distribute the dye before placing it in the plastic cap for an hour (the instructions say a minimum of half an hour)

Consistency wise, the dye is quite thick. Calling itself a cream rather than dye, it kind of makes sense. I have to say I’m not a major fan of the smell, which was a little unpleasant but nothing I couldn’t handle. Washing the dye off was a slight challenge too, as it instructs you to wash away from your face and body meaning I had to stick my head over the bath in the hope that it didn’t stain anything (this stuff is stubborn to remove – RIP to the two poor towels that had to endure pre and post application) It’s safe to say I failed miserably at this – I had also managed to dye my ears, neck and hands that had to cope with the aftermath!

You’re instructed to wash your hair only in cold water, which I did – where I saw to my horror that the water was running bright pink. All sorts of thoughts ran through my head, the first mainly being: what the hell have I done?! To my relief, I blow dried my hair to reveal a shocking red colour that I instantly fell in love with. I’ve used three different shades before and this is by far my absolute favourite. The colour is incredibly pigmented and almost multi tonal, with a mixture of red, purple and pink (it had to be in there somewhere!) My hair was soft and frizz free (the price tag of such thick hair) – another bonus.

For £10.50, I’m so impressed so far with this dye. The only drawback I’ve noticed is how this stuff stains pretty much everything after every wash, which means exercising a bit more caution with my clothes and surroundings… a price I’m willing to pay for this colour!

Have any of you tried any Manic Panic or semi-permanent dyes? What’s your thoughts?



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