Lush Bournemouth Relaunch Evening

October 28, 2016
Last week, I was kindly invited to Lush Bournemouth’s relaunch evening, along with other lovely bloggers from within the area. I was so excited because, as someone who visits Bournemouth town centre on a regular basis, I was beginning to miss popping into Lush to stock up on my favourite bath time treats and couldn’t wait to see the new store. 

Upon arrival (where there was a cocktail stand with drinkable delights inspired by Lush products, as well as live demos), I was greeted and given a lanyard to take with me on my travels around the store. I took one step inside and was completely taken aback by just how busy it was! 

I then focused on just how amazing the new store looked; it was adorned with autumnal flower arrangements, shelf upon shelf of neatly aligned black and white packaged products and refreshed industrial inspired decor that we all know and love so well. I felt spoilt for choice at where to venture first!

I picked up a basket and made my way over to the nearest demonstration stop, where a member of staff was showcasing their Mistletoe bath bomb. I was then given my own to try, as well as a “Santa Baby” lip scrub, which I’m saving for when I’m feeling particularly festive!

I was then drawn to the makeup stand, which was a completely novel feature for me as I had only tested their lip tints and Eyes Bright mascara before. I loved the glittery eye powders, which were so pigmented and lightweight. With a spritz of toner water the silver powder I had swatched on my hand changed green, which amused me no end! I’m not usually a glitzy makeup kind of gal, but this was probably my favourite new product of the whole evening and I may be a convert… even if just for Halloween!

My next stop was the face mask stand, which looked deceptively delicious, where I tried their Oatifix face mask. This is a mask that I’ve heard big things about, so I was eager to give it a go myself. It smelled incredible, and made me think of early winter mornings snuggled up with tea and honeyed oats. Let’s just say I’m looking forward to giving Kieran the fright of his life when he comes home to find me covered in the stuff!

I then swooned over the shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments. Rehab is one of my all time favourite products from Lush, as it’s the only shampoo I’ve used that leaves my hair feeling (literally) squeaky clean, as well as nourished and smelling amazing. I had to refrain from picking up a mega sized bottle!

Overall, I was so impressed with the new store and how Lush pulled together an amazing evening. I loved giving the products a go and learning all about their benefits and ingredients, as well as catching up with familiar faces and meeting new ones too. Thanks for having me Lush!


7 responses to “Lush Bournemouth Relaunch Evening”

  1. Renee says:

    Ahh this is reminding me how long its been since i've been in Lush!! I must go soon!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  2. I remember a few years ago when my sister was visiting from the US – she's a huge Lush fan. They treated her like a queen, even after they closed the store! Great products and service!

  3. Also, lovely post, Lottie! Hehe

  4. Lottie Hill says:

    Aha it was beginning to feel like such a long time for me whilst they were doing renovation work! You must go in and see the Christmas products, they're lovely! 🙂 x

  5. Lottie Hill says:

    Thank you! 🙂 The staff there are always lovely – even when they had a store fit to bust with bloggers and press wanting to try things out and talk about the products, they were more than happy and enthusiastic about everything! x

  6. Jayd Alice says:

    Glad you had a lovely evening chick! I've never tried any Lush makeup before but since a trip to my local store is welllllllll overdue then I'll have to have a look at these whilst I'm there! I'll also have to pick up some Rehab shampoo cos it sounds fab x

    Always, Alice

  7. Lottie Hill says:

    Thank you lovely 🙂 All of the makeup looked incredible! I'd really recommend Rehab, it's great and smells amazing too… naturally! x

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