Bournemouth Vegan Fair, 28.06.2015

July 6, 2015

As a vegetarian, I have often considered veganism after reading (and hearing) about the many health benefits the diet and lifestyle (not to mention environmental!) changes it has brought. So, when I heard that this year, the Bournemouth Pavillion would be home to the first Vegan Fair (organised by Lizzi Shaw) I didn’t hesitate to grab myself a ticket before the event on 28th June. 

On the morning, we waited outside the venue in astonishment. I’ve never seen a queue so big! It seemed never ending, and wrapped around the car park and pavement along the street. When we got inside, the excitement I felt from everyone around me was understandable: there were so many stalls, I didn’t know where to start! 

The first stall we saw was this amazing counter of vegan and organic chocolates. It was obviously a very popular hotspot, as I found hard to get close but from what I briefly saw, it looked amazing – and had so much choice! I imagine even the fussiest chocolate lover would have found something here. 

We then ventured around the organic makeup and beauty stalls. From balms, body lotions, butters and cosmetics, I really was in my element. I would have taken it all home with me, if I had the space (and time to use it all!) As soon as I got home, I ordered a Holistix Gardener’s Rescue Balm for my Oh Comely swap box project due to be sent off soon, as it seemed like a perfect little gift to include!

There were so many food stalls to wander around (naturally!) with some great samples on offer. I had certainly had my fair share of Pulsin bar pieces and raw juices! The stand from Sweet Greens looked amazing also, with numerous bowls piled high with the most delicious looking things to try. 

There was also some beautiful jewellery on display by some very talented sellers.

We finished up by stopping off at the Lush stand who were showing off some of their gorgeously scented products, including their GayIsOkay bar – because of course no vegan fair would quite be complete without them!

Overall, the event did open my eyes to the array of food and products on offer that made the vegan lifestyle seem all the more appealing for me. Not only that, but it was heartwarming to see such support for a community thats expanded in popularity over the past few years. 

I hope to see the Vegan Fair back for a second year!



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